Old Mrs.Jenkins



There's a storm outside, a fuse just blew, and an old dark legend......Might be true!



Coming soon






5.25.14 What's behind the door.......?


4.6.18 We've finished principle photography on the short film! To celebrate, here are some onset photos from the shoot, featuring Taryn Hough and Bill Rogers


3.4.18 We had another great day of filming! Below are some screen captures from the shoot, featuring Taryn Hough and Bill Rogers

2.1.18 Wow! We had our first official day of filming and we love what we're seeing. Check out some screen captures below, featuring Taryn Hough, and a mock up of the films opening scene

1.1.18 Production for our new horror short, Old Mrs. Jenkins, has officially started! The film is being directed by Thomas Norman and Taryn Hough, who hope to bring a nostalgic feel to the short film. The story centers around a horror legend that comes to life, on a dark and stormy night. The film stars Jaclyn Carmichael, Taryn Hough and Bill Rogers. Look for the film to hit festivals in 2019!