Taryn is a Southern California native. She enjoys editing (15+ years), animating (10+ years), acting (15+ years), The Simpsons (and Bobs Burgers), puppies (please, no kittens), getting her allergy shots (dust, mold, tree pollen), and talking about herself in the third person (it's true, I do). She often wonders why more people don’t clean up after their dogs while at the park,- the blue bags are right there!

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Cherrie grew up on the mean streets of Norwalk, CA. She knew how to hot wire a car by the age of 7 and had already killed a man before her 13th birthday. She loves watching Southpark and playing video games while being "on the roof". When she's not shooting people with her gun and giving prison tattoos, she's shooting them with her camera and is CSM's inhouse graphic designer

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