I am so excited for my new short film, Old Mrs.Jenkins. It's a fun, campy, horror short, here is the films synopsis and some onset photos: "Reminiscent of the campy horror films from the 80s, Old Mrs. Jenkins tells the story of what happens to a couple after a thunderstorm leaves them in the dark. With only candles, a broken flashlight and a fireplace to light the night, together they learn that some scary stories should never be retold."

Photos of me attending The Last Doll Lady screening at the Silicon Beach Film Festival. We had a great crowd (50 people!). This is one of the best Q&As I have ever been a part of! Not only was the sreening a success, but the film won an award from the festival! "Best Inspirational Short Documentary". How cool is that!?




I just got back from the Las Cruces Film Festival, where The Last Doll Lady screened to a great audience. We had a packed house and one of the largest audience reaction gasps I've heard at a screening (that's a good thing!). The audience really liked the film, I had several interactions with people days later who told me how much they enjoyed the film. I'm so glad people are seeing Selma's story and the program is getting recognition.This is def a festival I can't wait to attend again in the future!




My latest film, The Last Doll Lady, recently screened at the Culver City Film Festival. We had a packed theater of over 100 people who really enjoyed the film! Audience members were touched by Selmas' story and the film received a huge round of applause. I am thrilled to say that the short film won an award at the festival, the Audience Choice for Best Documentary!! Below are some pics from the screening.



My documentary The Last Doll Lady recently had a private screening for cast and crew. This was the first time the short film was screened in front of an audience, and the reception was amazing! Over 60 people were able to attend and I could not have asked for a better reaction from the crowd. Thank you to everyone who was able to be there, it really means a lot. Below are some photos from the event (click on the photos to see them larger)



I recently acted in a commercial for CDW, directed by the amazing Craig Gillespie. It was a fantastic whirlwind of an experience, audition Monday, shot the commercial on Sunday, and being directed by Craig was surreal. Below is a screen shot of me from the commercial. To see the commercial (it's a really funny spot), click here.



I started shooting my latest short film, "Stuffed". Without going into too much detail, the short film is about stuffed animals that come to life. I am so happy with how the edit is coming together, I thought I'd share a few screen captures and one on set photo with you



Well, I think I found my new favorite festival, and it's called Miscon. I can't even put into words how many wonderful people I met at the festival and how great of a time I had. The cherry on the cake was when I attended the awards ceremony and found out that Electro-Cute! won 3 awards: Best Fantasy short film, Audience favorite and Best Overall short film. I can not wait to attend Miscon again next year! Check out the photos belows (taken during the Q&A panel on Indie Film Making), with Jon Caro and Ian Carruthers, and of me at the Elk Foundation


I had such an AMAZING time at the Media Film Festival. My short film, Electro-Cute!, was very well received and won the Runner Up audience favorite award for Saturday night. Below are some pictures from the festival and the trip in general. And yes, I own that sweater in every color it comes in


I had such a fantastic time at the Terror Film Festival. My short film Electro-Cute! won the award for "Best SFX". That's me during the Q&A, with film maker Thomas Norman (I did the titling for his award winning short film!), with the award, and with all of the other winners up on stage


At the Action on Film Festival for Electro-Cute!. I always have a great time at this festival and I am very happy to say that Electro-Cute! was nominated for 2 awards at the festival: Best Animation and Best Experimental Project. Electro-Cute! won runner up for Best Experimental Project! Not too shabby :-)


Here I am at the "always a great time festival", The International Indie Gathering. That's me during the packed Q&A for Electro-Cute!, accepting 2 awards at the festival (one for best comedy short), and showing off the awards


At the wonderful Columbia Gorge International Film Festival for the screening of Electro-Cute!, a short film I wrote, directed and acted in.


Screen captures from my latest short film, Electro-Cute! and "the making of the behind the scenes making of" for the short film


On set photos from the short film The Shift

Me and film maker Nate Rulf at the AOF screening of The Shift

Photos from the screening of Unit 30 at the Action on Film Festival


Pictures from the awards ceremony at The Indie Gathering Film Festival. Unit 30 won the awards of "best horror-comedy for a short film" and "best overall short film". Side note, how cool is it that there is a Hough, Ohio?


Can you tell I was surprised that my short film Unit 30 won the award for Best Thriller for a short film at the Terror Film Festival? And I'm not bored in the other photo, I was reading the schedule on the back of the pass


On set photo from a promo for Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel


On set photos from the multiple award winning short film Dead Creek


National commercial for Microsoft


Series of commercials I voiced/my thumb acted in for the Sony Mylo


On set photos from a series of promos that aired on IFC


National commercial for T-Mobile with Molly Shannon


Commercial for Thrasher Skateboard magazine


U/5's on Days of Our Lives with Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow.